Chronos is an underground organization that controls one-third of the world's economy. It is commanded by the Council of Elders, who regularly send out its elite assassin squad the Numbers (known as Time Guardians in the manga) on missions. A select amount of prestigious figures such as politicians and businessmen have connections to the organization. The aim of Chronos is to secure and maintain global peace. This often equates to dismantling organizations and killing people that it considers to be evil or corrupt. However, the society's own tactics and actions are often questioned by those who know of its existence.



The storyline of Chronos is very similar to that in the manga except for a few major differences. The story begins with Train still holding his position as No. XIII and the agents are called Numbers rather than Time Guardians. Also, Chronos is already a behemoth organization and owns one-third of the global economy while Train's still there. There are several new Chronos Numbers who were never in the manga. Some of the Numbers, particularly Sephiria and Lin, also have major changes in personality. Additionally, Sephiria personally confronts Train and begs him to return. When he refuses, the two engage in a battle and Sephiria aims to kill him. Later, Train catches on to Lin's scheme of using the Sweepers as a decoy for Chronos and the Sweepers' trip to Creed's hideout almost doesn't happen.

The Zero Numbers, a renegade group consisting of stray members of Chronos, sends a swarm of nano-machine beasts to destroy the Chronos Headquarters while the Numbers are busy attacking Creed. As a result, the Council of Elders is assassinated and the organization takes a huge hit in finances and manpower. The surviving Numbers are essentially the only members left in the entire organization. The Numbers assist Train in saving Eve from the Zero Numbers' control and vow to rebuild Chronos.


Elder Statesmen/Council of Elders: are three wise elders in charge of Chronos, the highest being Willzark.

Chronos Numbers/Time Guardians: Willzark commands a secret force of the best assassins in the world, sworn to protect Chronos, called the Chronos Numbers, which usually range from No. I to No. XII., (Train) No. XIII is a very special case.

Chronos Erasers: Lower in the hierarchy are the Chronos Erasers, which are assassins in service of Chronos. An example is Creed Diskenth or Clevar. Other members of Chronos play important roles in the story in the manga, such as Carl Walken.

Chronos Soldier: are normal soldiers in Chronos.


Willzark is the superior to the Chronos Numbers, and the leader of the Elder Statesmen that rule Chronos. He only communicates with the Chronos Numbers through a holographic screen.

The Chronos NumbersEdit

Chronos' top men who assassinate various targets that are in the way of the organization's activities. All the Chronos Number weapons are made of Orichalcum.

No. I

Sephiria Arks

No. II

Belze Rochefort


Emilio Lowe

No. IV

Kranz Maduke

No. V

Nizer Bruckheimer

No. Vl



Jenos Hazard


Baldorias S. Fanghini

No. IX

David Fapper   

No. X


No. X

Lin Xiao Li (Ash's replacement)

No. XI

Beluga J. Heard


Mason Ordrosso


Train Heartnet