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The chapters of the manga Black Cat were written and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki and published by Shueisha in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 2000 to 2004.[1][2] Black Cat's plot follows Train Heartnet, a former assassin known as the Black Cat, who now lives as a bounty hunter, dubbed "Sweeper".Edit
The manga's 185 chapters were collected in 20 tankōbon volumes that were published from January 11, 2001 to October 9, 2004 by Shueisha.[3][4] It was licensed in English in North America by Viz Media as they first announced it in the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con International.[5] The twenty volumes were published from March 7, 2006 to May 5, 2009 under Viz's Shonen Jump label.[6][7] Madman Entertainment published Viz's English release in Australia and New Zealand.[8] Black Cat was also adapted into a 24-episode anime series with the same name by Gonzo. Directed by Shin Itagaki, the anime aired in Japan from October 6, 2005 to March 30, 2006.Edit

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