Rinslet Walker - Main CharacterEdit


Rinslet Walker

Rinslet Walker (リンスレット ウォーカー Rinsuretto Uōkā?) is a world class famous thief-for-hire. She works for everyone from the government to mob bosses, and often works alongside Train and Sven. Rinslet says she can steal anything and manipulate any man, though she has trouble with Train; she can sucker him into participating in her schemes, but can't get him to follow her plans to the letter. She provides Train and Sven with targets, so that they can act as distractions while she steals. Eve, she treats as a younger sister (much to her annoyance). Rinslet is sometimes called "Rins" by her acquaintances, and likes      disguises, Tarot reading, treasure, and handsome men.[2]Edit

Rinslet owns and uses a gun but she is not as skilled at fighting as Train or Sven. She also carries a whip with a heart shaped tip for moving quickly. She also carries other tools she believes necessary, given what situation she's in. Rinslet is not cold-hearted and will help others or even destroy what she is hired to steal if the item is dangerous to humanity. She is later forcefully hired by Chronos to act as bait and meets Jenos.Edit

Not much is mentioned about her romantic interests, but she seems to share a strong bond with Jenos and would physically hurt him when he flirts with other women. Then there is Train, it isn't outwardly stated however, she does sometimes show jealousy. Like when Kyoko was going all "Train crazy", Rinslet becomes angry and shouts at Kyoko and Kyoko asks if Rinslet is jealous of her. In the end of the anime, it is hinted she is now dating Jenos, but it is not confirmed.Edit